Europe is home to a huge variety of cuisine. From Greek, Italian, and Polish to French and German, each country has their own styles and dishes. If you’re going on a trip to Europe, it’s good to know some of the best food to try. Whether you’re looking for a cheap meal or a fine dining experience, there’s something to suit your budget and taste.

One of the most popular foods to eat in Europe is pizza. The most famous is pizza from Italy, but you can also find other pizza variations across the continent. Unlike American pizza, Neapolitan pizza has a chewy crust and a few splotches of fresh mozzarella cheese. Pizza is a great choice for a budget meal, but it’s also a tasty treat.

Another delicious eat in Europe is fried cheese. It’s traditionally eaten in the evening. A bowl of melted cheese is placed in a communal pot, and then bread is dipped into it. You can find this dish all over Europe, but it’s especially popular in Amsterdam and Prague.

Fish and chips is another staple of British gastronomy. It’s usually served with chips, mushy peas, and salt. However, there are other varieties, such as Cornish pasty. Either way, you’ll get a good amount of food for your money.

There are a number of other gastronomical specialties, such as escargot, frogs’ legs, and foie gras. These are not as well known outside of Europe, but they’re still delicious. Similarly, jamon iberico is a Spanish ham, and it’s also a great snack.

During the winter months, there are some very unusual culinary customs. For instance, in Finland, they have a national dish called reindeer. This dish is typically served with mashed potatoes and smashed up childhood dreams.

In Sweden, they have a cultural word for this, Fika. This is a break during the day where you can get together with friends and enjoy some delicious treats. Cardamom buns are a common treat.

A traditional Swedish dish is Kottbullar, which are meatballs made from ground pork and beef. They’re usually accompanied by lingonberry sauce and potatoes.

Another classic European food is currywurst. Currywurst is a German street food that’s typically fried in curry powder. While it’s a popular Christmas market food, it’s a perfect, inexpensive meal to try in Germany.

When you travel to Europe, be sure to stop by the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. This is the place to buy some of the region’s top wines and food. Among the other items to buy there are Stroopwafels, an authentic Dutch treat. Also, be sure to grab a croissant, which is a morning pastry that’s easy to find in European countries.

Other European snacks are churros, which are doughnut-like treats. They’re a quick pick-me-up and a great snack on the go. Be sure to look for a vendor that’s serving the treats freshly. That’s where you’ll get the best flavor.

In Luxembourg, a small landlocked city in western Europe, you can eat juud mat gaardebounen, a type of pork and beans. The country also counts French as an official language.