American Garage Door: How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Home

Garage doors make up a big part of your home’s outward appearance. Whether you are replacing the door or you have just built the house. Getting a garage door is an exciting opportunity to improve your home’s exterior. Many styles exist for American garage doors. But if your goal is improving your home’s external appearance, choosing the style that suits the building is important. This post will share the important things to consider when choosing a garage door style. We also highlight the most common garage door styles you will find.

Garage Door

Personal preference

The first thing to consider when choosing a style is your preference. The garage door should reflect your personal style. So think of what you like in terms of designs, materials, and colors. It should help determine the style to choose. But that is only the first consideration. 

The building’s architectural style

What type of architectural style is the building? The garage door should complement the style and improve the curb appeal. So consider the architecture before choosing a style. For example, if the home is modern, an elegant contemporary style door may suit the appearance more.

Consider your budget

Garage door prices vary. Some designs are more expensive than others. So it is important to consider what your budget can get you. It helps to check the average price of your preference when determining a budget. Don’t forget that expensive doors are often made of more durable materials and are usually easy to maintain.

Determine the security features you need

Garage doors have different security features. Some have more features than others, including smart locks or motion sensors. Nowadays, people choose secured doors with smart features like an automatic lock, auto close, etc. Determine what security features you want on the door. But ensure your preferred style offers adequate security for your home.

In addition, consider the maintenance level. Some garage doors require more frequent maintenance than others. Consider the cost implications of getting an expensive door requiring less maintenance against a cheaper door requiring more. It will also guide your choice.

Common types of garage doors

Contemporary style

The contemporary style usually goes well with modern homes. Most have tampered glass panels with aluminum frames. And they often include smart features like auto lock/open.

Traditional style

The traditional style is popular because it usually suits most American-style homes. You will find them in different materials, but the most common is high-quality wood.

Carriage doors

This door may be ideal if your home has an old carriage style or traditional design. They open manually and often come in double doors. Depending on the actual design, some have a small pedestrian door on the side.

Other popular styles are sectional, raised panel, and slab doors. These have different designs and can be made of any garage door material. It could be fiberglass, aluminum, or wood. The insulation also varies, so it helps to ask the technician about its energy efficiency to improve your choice. You can choose the most appropriate style for your home by considering the factors above.