How to prepare your home for roofing work

Roofing is an essential part of home maintenance, but it can seem daunting to get the work done. The process can be smooth, though, with just some prep. Before the roofing team sets foot on your property and the initial shingle gets lifted, there’s some groundwork you can lay to make sure all sails smoothly. Still, trying to figure out where to begin? No worries; we’re here to guide you. From tidying up your yard to having a quick chat with your roofing pros, we will help you navigate each step

roofing work

Clear the Area

Consider all the bits and bobs you’ve got– from patio furniture to the kids’ toys. These can quickly turn into hurdles once the roofing kicks off. By relocating these items to a safer location, you’re giving the roofing crew room to work and shielding your possessions from potential harm. 

Trim Trees and Cut Grass

Your garden is closer to your roof than you think. Are you overhanging tree branches? They can be in the way. Trimming them back gives roofers an easier and safer way to work. Plus, there’s the added benefit that fewer branches mean fewer leaves on your new roof. While you’re at it, give your lawn a quick mow. Shorter grass makes it way simpler to spot and clean up any stray nails or bits of roofing material. It’s a small step but can make a difference in the cleanup process.

Protect Your Belongings Inside

Even though the main work is happening outside, the vibrations and noise can affect the inside of your home too. Have you got some cherished picture frames or delicate items on shelves? It’s wise to keep them safe. Covering your furniture and belongings with old sheets or drop cloths can shield them from dust. Plus, this simple step helps in making the post-roofing cleanup a breeze. Just think of it as tucking your things in for a short nap.

Think of the Kids and Furry Friends

Roofing can be quite the event, with all the noises, movements, and new people around. For little ones and pets, this might feel like a big disruption. The bangs and thuds can be scary or just plain annoying. To keep things calm and stress-free, consider arranging a playdate or a short stay at a relative’s or friend’s place for them. It’s a small change, but it ensures they stay comfy and safe while your home gets its roofing glow-up.

Chat with the Roofing Company

This might sound obvious, but it’s a step some folks skip. Before any work starts, take a moment to chat with your roofing company. Have you got questions or worries? This is the time to voice them. They’re the pros, after all. They’re well-equipped to provide insights, cater to unique requirements, and ensure everyone’s expectations align. Clear communication is the cornerstone of a project done right. It’s wise to voice your queries upfront rather than ponder them afterward.


Preparing for a roofing job can be simple. Following these easy steps ensures a smoother process for everyone involved. Your home, belongings, and loved ones stay safe, and the workers can do their job efficiently. And if you’re thinking about how this might impact your home’s energy efficiency, the Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate can be a great resource.